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AllySoft LLC
AllySoft is a distressed private equity real estate fund. The firm acquires,
develops, and sells residential properties throughout Orange County,
Ca and Phoenix, AZ. The company and its principals have completed over $10
million in real estate transactions since 2008. The firm focuses on a value-added
approach through the acquisition of distressed real estate properties. These
assets are purchased at steep discounts due to the lack
of disclosure and complexity of analysis.
The Team
Forrest Metcalf
Managing Director
Forrest Metcalf is co-founder, Chief Financial Officer
and Managing Director of AllySoft where he
manages the real estate operations. Previously,
Forrest was Finance and Administrative Officer for
CICA, Inc. where he presented due diligence
recommendations for corporate investment. Prior to
that, he was Treasury Director for LERA, a land
banker for residential real estate developers.
Before that, Forrest was Director of Investments at
Shea Ventures, one of the largest venture
capitalist in the United States. Forrest has a B.S.
degree in accounting and financial management
from United States International University and a
M.B.A. degree from the University of California,
Michael Pentz
Project Manager
Michael Pentz has been with AllySoft for 4 years as
a project manager. He oversees the rehabilitation,
renovation, and construction of properties to ready
them for a turn key completion. Michael manages
sub-contractors as well as works directly with
design consultants and landscape partners. He
also has extensive training in general construction
and a thorough knowledge of current building
Starbright Home Design
Interior Design Consultant
Starbright Home Design has been working
exclusively with AllySoft for 6 years offering
services ranging from exterior to interior design.
The goal of this partnership is to complete homes
efficiently, timely, and with the general customer in